Mahendra Khairiya

Star ⭐️ Chef Awards 23 By IFCA

Mahendra Khairiya, or better known as Chef Khairiya, is the Founder & Director of Culinary Mantra (A Complete Hospitality Solution) it is a global Culinary Consultancy company.

  • Star ⭐️ Chef Awards 23 By IFCA
  • Silver Hat Award 2021 By ICF
  • Executive Chef Of The Year IHE20
  • Food Researcher
  • Gold Medalist Indian Cuisine
  • Innovative Chef of the Year 2022 by PCTE

For Mahendra Khairiya, Founder and Director of Culinary Mantra – a Global Culinary Consultancy Company – cooking opens one up to a whole new world of possibilities. If anyone says “Chef Khairiya” – as he is fondly called – has seen it all, they won’t be wrong, but Khairiya believes he’s just beginning.

Learning never too late, improving upon your skills

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Chef Mahendra Khairiya
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